The SleepBand 2.0 – Bluetooth Headphones


Experience Uninterrupted Serenity with SleepBand 2.0:

  1. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology:
    • Bid farewell to buffering and disconnections.
    • Enjoy seamless connections up to 10 meters away.
  2. Powerful Battery for Nightlong Bliss:
    • Revel in up to 10 hours of uninterrupted tranquility.
    • Effortlessly guides you into a night of deep, restful sleep.
  3. Swift Two-Hour Charging:
    • Always ready to transform your nights into a symphony of tranquility.
    • Short wait time for a swift recharge.
  4. Immerse Yourself in Serenity:
    • Unwind as The SleepBand 2.0 serenades you into dreamland.
    • Elevate your sleep experience with the perfect blend of technology and comfort.
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Introducing the SleepBand 2.0: Bluetooth Headphones, your gateway to a restful and immersive sleep experience. Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, these innovative headphones redefine your nighttime routine.

Crafted with soft, breathable materials, the SleepBand ensures a snug fit without compromising comfort. Its Bluetooth connectivity lets you seamlessly connect to your favourite devices, allowing you to unwind with soothing music, calming podcasts, or even white noise to create your personalized sleep sanctuary.
The ultra-slim, flat speakers embedded in the headband provide a low-profile feel, eliminating the discomfort of traditional headphones. The adjustable band ensures a secure fit for all head sizes, making it perfect for side sleepers.

With a long-lasting battery life, the SleepBand accompanies you throughout the night, providing a continuous soundtrack to your dreams. The user-friendly controls allow you to adjust volume, skip tracks, and even take calls without disturbing your tranquility.
Enhance your sleep routine and wake up refreshed with SleepBand 2.0, where comfort meets technology for a harmonious night of relaxation. Sweet dreams await!

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